Assessment of Non-Verbal Ability

  • Content

    The ANVA contains 34 questions. There is a strict time limit per question. The items test your memory, reasoning and spatial ability.

  • Non-verbal

    This test is entirely non-verbal. Every question is a visual puzzle. We wanted to create a universal test to rival the classic Ravens Progressive Matrices.

  • IQ

    This test covers most aspects of intelligence. Verbal ability is the only area not tested.

  • Accuracy

    ANVA scores go from 50 to 165, but is most accurate for scores between 70 and 140.

  • Value

    An IQ test administered by a psychologist will cost $500-$1000. The ANVA is not a 2 hour test, but it has some advantages over standard tests, including price.

  • Mobile

    The ANVA test is optimized for mobile. Mobile users should perform equal to desktop users.

  • Novelty

    The items in the ANVA are completely novel, they have never been seen before and the concepts have not been used in any previous test.

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